Board Member: Craig Kinyon // Reid President

What is “mission?” Does it apply to organizations? Is it necessary? Does it really matter?

The Reid Health team has strong feelings about these questions. We are convinced that mission matters. In fact, it matters a great deal. Mission is what keeps us on course. We live during stressful and complex times when it is all too easy to lose our way. We can become so preoccupied with “doing” that we forget the “who, the what and the why.” Individuals, families and teams like Reid Health’s need to be grounded so that external changes do not cause us to abandon the core reasons we exist.

From a leadership team standpoint, mission is the glue, the shared set of values and beliefs that bind us together. It is individual commitment strengthened by sharing. It is shared commitment about who we are, why we exist and what we stand for. A key word in all of this is the word shared; values that are shared by all members of the Reid team… employees, volunteers, physicians, governing board and Foundation board members and the administrative staff that serve them.

The time the Reid team spends talking about mission is an investment to ensure we do not lose our way… an investment to strengthen our ministry to people who are broken and an investment in people who look to us to assist them in their efforts to achieve wholeness… in body, mind and spirit. Our mission is lived, humbly and proudly.