Donor: Edie Perkins

Edith-PerkinsKnowing gathering with family and friends to be among their mother’s biggest joys, Jeff Perkins and his sister, Jennifer, planned a special 70th birthday for her.

Jennifer explained, “At 70, Mom does not have a need for more ‘stuff’, so why not do something to contribute to an organization she is passionate about?”

Because their mother, Edie Perkins, has been dedicated to Reid Hospital for more than 17 years and currently serves on the governing board, Reid Foundation was the obvious choice.

With their mother’s approval, Jeff and Jennifer organized a Lingle Grand Hall Celebration. They asked guests to consider making a contribution to Reid Foundation that included the number “70” in lieu of gifts. For example, a donor might end the gift with 70 cents. The contribution and RSVP could be sent directly to the Foundation using the provided reply envelope. This method allowed guests to donate in confidence.

The Perkins family welcomed all guests, of course. Donations were not required to attend the party.

“It was like they were giving me flowers while I was still living,” Edie said, expressing her gratitude for the beautiful way her friends and family united to honor her. “It was a living tribute.”

Through the creative efforts of Jeff and Jennifer Perkins and the commitment of Edie, the Perkins family was able to present a check to Reid Hospital Foundation in the amount of $7,000.

Edie concluded, “It was just a fantastic day!”