Donor: Fred and Patty Powers Foundation

She was a social worker with Richmond Community Schools. He was the son of an entrepreneur, and destined to take over his father’s four Powerhouse restaurants. Together, they loved their community and the people in it.

The story of Fred and Patty Powers continued for many years as they served their hometown and raised their family. After selling the restaurants, Fred pursued a career in financial planning.

“Dad cared about his clients,” said Fred’s son, Trey Powers. “He said this is where everyone supported him, and he wanted to give back.”

After the many years of service to Richmond, Fred and Patty passed away. During the last days of his life, Fred wanted to be at Reid, Trey said.

The children honored their parents’ wishes through the Fred and Patty Powers Foundation and a series of gifts to Reid Foundation.

“Gifts such as those made by the Powers Foundation truly make a difference for our patients,” Foundation Director Jason Troutwine said. “We are able to provide a staff member to personally walk a cancer patient through their treatment program. We are able to provide full-time athletic trainers for the area school districts and state-of-the-art equipment for our surgeons.”

“He had a choice. He could have gone anywhere, but he wanted to be at Reid,” said Trey. “We wanted to show we had faith in Reid too.”