Donor: Evelyn Mitrione

Evelyn Mitrione

Evelyn Mitrione was a hard worker, living through the depression. Originally from Darke County, Ohio, she was a farm girl and learned to barter with her homemade soaps in order to survive.

It was through this hard work that she met Raymond Mitrione while employed with Martin Silk Screening. After the death of her first husband and father of her children, she and Ray found a love that would lead to a meaningful marriage and a move to Richmond, Indiana.

“Ray was the love of her life,” said daughter Beverly McClure.

When Ray was in the final stages of life, Evelyn came to know and appreciate Reid Hospital and its caregivers.

“They treated him so special,” Beverly said. “There was a bond that formed, and the staffwas like family.” Ray enjoyed his interaction with nurses and physicians, often adding a little humor into the conversation.

It came as no surprise for Beverly or her brother, Jerry Neff, when they were approached by their mother regarding a gift to Reid Foundation. Evelyn wanted to thank Reid for the great care provided to Ray, Beverly indicated.

“She shared everything with us and wanted our blessing,” Beverly said. “My brother and I thought it was a lovely idea.”

Evelyn proceeded to establish a charitable trust with Reid Foundation in memory of her husband, and ultimately left a legacy of her own.

“Helping people is what made her tick,” Beverly summed up. “She just had a big heart!”