Donor: Joan Kreitzer

kreitzerJoan Kreitzer is a lifetime resident of Preble County and an employee of Eaton National Bank & Trust. For over 57 years, she has served her customers well, moving her way up to Bank President and now Executive Vice President of Colonial Bank Corporation. As a bank leader, Joan knew it was important to continue the community philanthropy begun by her predecessors, Everett Maffett and his son Jeff. Health care and Reid Hospital continues to be an important part of that philanthropy.

“As a community bank, we are certainly interested in good service and care about our customers’ well-being, which means we care about their health,” Joan explained. “I’ve always felt that Reid was very important to Preble County and to my family.”

Joan explains that she has had many personal experiences with Reid Hospital through family needs over the years. “You aren’t a number when you are at Reid,” she said about the personal care Reid offers. She has witnessed many acts of kindness by Reid employees including one particular time when an employee stopped in the parking lot to help push a wheelchair for an elderly couple. This type of care has developed a great respect from both Eaton National Bank and Joan, personally, over the years.

For nearly 30 years, the bank has contributed to Reid Hospital Foundation, and for 21 years, Joan and her husband Ralph have included Reid in their personal philanthropy. However, the support did not stop with monetary donations for Joan. She served on the Foundation Board of Directors for nine years followed by eleven years on the hospital’s governing board.

“It is good to know that such a wonderful hospital is here to serve Preble County.”