Donor: Richard and Janice Bohlander

Dick BohlanderFor Richard and Janice Bohlander, creating a Charitable Gift Annuity with Reid Foundation made perfect sense.

Established in the summer of 2008, the Bohlanders said making a gift achieved two goals simultaneously. “We were able to make a gift to the hospital and ensure we had a stable source of income to pay bills.”

Richard said until reading about the opportunity in a hospital publication, he never dreamed that he and his wife would be in a position to make such a significant gift. They discussed the opportunity with their financial advisor and the Foundation. Within a few days the gift was complete.

“We routinely made memorial and annual gifts and always wanted to do more – this gave us that opportunity,” he said.

The Bohlanders spent much of their lives in Centerville where Richard was a teacher and junior high principal. Janice is a retired learning disabilities administrator. Recently, the couple moved to Richmond where they are enjoying retirement – literally across the street from Reid.Jan Bohlander

Gesturing toward the campus from his living room chair, Richard said. “We believe Reid is the most important facility in town. Other hospitals in the area can’t do what they can do. Everyone needs health care and by making this gift we feel like we’re helping the entire community,”

Janice added, “We were really pleased with the development of the new campus and said ‘that’s where we need for this to go'”.

More about the Bohlanders…

Children: Mindi Myers (husband John)

Grandchildren: Annie (12 years) and Allison (7 years)

Married: 50 years

Occupation: Richard, retired Centerville teacher and principal
Janice, retired learning disabilities administrator

Education: Both have bachelor’s degrees from Hanover and master’s degrees from Ball State

Church: Centerville Christian Church

Interests: Grandchildren and camping