Donor: Eileen Savage Hunt

donor-huntOn Thursday, October 8, 2009 Eileen Hunt, a long-time friend of Reid Hospital and our community, died at the age of 84.

The namesake of the Eileen Savage Hunt Patient Care Center and the Hunt Healing Garden, Eileen gave over $1 million to enhance the healing environment of Reid’s new campus.

A cancer survivor, Eileen had battled many health issues during her lifetime and understood the value of quality health care and also the important role one’s surroundings play in the healing process.

Although extremely generous, Eileen was a quiet philanthropist. She did not enjoy publicity, accolades or headlines. Instead, Eileen took pleasure in knowing she had helped many through her philanthropy.

Born in Minnesota, Eileen spent her early years as a fashion model and fashion merchandise buyer. She and her late husband, George Savage, enjoyed a storybook relationship traveling often until his premature death in 1976.

Two years later, Eileen moved to Richmond when she and long time friend, Fred Hunt, married. The two knew each other well through their mutual hobby of attending dog shows. They continued to pursue this interest throughout their marriage, traveling extensively to shows where Fred also frequently served as a judge. After Fred’s death in 1986, Eileen continued to enjoy her canine friends, especially Mikey, a Schipperke.

Never having children and her extended family living miles away, Eileen considered Richmond her family. For many years Eileen was active in the Kiwaniannes, Literary Club, the Richmond Art Museum and many dog clubs and societies.

However, in recent years, as Eileen’s health began to decline she was not able to be as active with “her family” as she had been in the past. It was during this time Eileen contemplated her legacy and elected to help others by gifting to Reid Foundation.

Eileen never considered herself a philanthropist or a community leader – but she was. She has left a mark on our community and touched the lives of many – some who had the pleasure of knowing her and many who never will.

For this, Eileen, and much more…we say “thank you”.