Donor: Tony Miller

Toys for pediatric patients

Tony helps patient, Jordan VanMeter, choose a toy.

Tony helps patient, Jordan VanMeter, choose a toy.

After eight years as a Boy Scout, Seton High freshman Tony Miller had decided to become an Eagle Scout. One requirement for achieving Scouting’s highest rank is to develop and complete a community service project. Reid’s pediatric patients came to mind.

Reid provides pediatric patients with small toys while in their rooms and to take home after their stay. For patients healthy enough, Reid also offers a play room with larger toys and games. Of course, toys wear out, and the toy closet depletes.

“I just really wanted to help the pediatric department,” Miller said. “My mom (an Emergency Department RN) showed me the toy closet, and it just seemed like I could do something to help.” With the assistance of his parents, Mike and Cathy Miller, Tony developed a one-year plan.

He designed a brochure and began talking to business owners and leaders at Seton. Posters and toy drives followed at Seton and at Seton Junior High, as well as at five area businesses: Transilwrap, State Farm, Lee’s Chicken, Elks Country Club, and Esmond’s Shoes.

Any donation to the hospital goes through Reid Foundation. “Tony came to me several months ago to ask permission to pursue the project,” said Foundation Director Jason Troutwine. “We are sometimes given an opportunity to view philanthropy in its purist form. Tony came in with a simple idea that he wanted to make the lives of kids better here at Reid, and I never imagined it would turn into a project of this magnitude. He is truly an inspiration for us all.”

Miller also credits friends and classmates for the project’s success. “I really want to include the whole Seton family.”

“The Eagle project is basically a leadership-building project,” said Troop 100 Leader, Andy Delucio. Tony has proven his leadership skills within his troop as well as through this project. “It’s great to have a resource like Tony who can lead the troop.”

Tony added, “Just knowing that I helped so many people…it feels good.”

What Reid staff are saying…

“I hope my son, Ethan, is like him one day.” – Emmi Newton, Patient Care Technician

“When Tony first approached me about his donation, I never imagined it would be this big!” – Jason Troutwine, Reid Foundation Director

“I’ve worked in the pediatric department for over 10 years, and I’ve never seen a donation this large. We are just excited!” Amanda Wright, RN

“I am just very grateful and impressed with Tony’s insight and recognition of a need. He is a role model for our community and staff, and his gift is far-reaching.” Elaine Wheeler, Unit Director