Recurring Pledge

Below is the form for a RECURRING PLEDGE (26 PAY PERIODS) for the ALL IN Campaign. This will be paid every pay period.

Interested in being designated as an Above and Beyond donor?

By making a pledge at your hourly rate every pay period you are considered an Above and Beyond donor.
For example: If you make $10/hr you would donate $10 per pay period totaling $260 for the year. To ensure we have the correct information please put the ANNUAL GIVING amount in the “other” button (example above, you would put $260), agree to being an above and beyond donor, and confirm your hourly pay in the comments section.

Funds available for donation are: BRAvo!, Cancer Care, Charity Care, Employee Emergency Fund, Heart Services, Hospice Care, Nursing Excellence, Reid Ride, Rock Steady Boxing, Wellness, or Where the Need is Greatest.

By clicking the donate button you agree to the following:
I authorize Reid Health to deduct from my earnings my donation for the Reid Health Foundation designated above.  I am also aware that I may revoke this authorization upon written notice to Reid’s Foundation, Human Resources or Payroll departments.

Come back to this page after making your Reid Health Foundation donation to make your UNITED WAY donation by clicking the button below.

United Way of Whitewater Valley Giving