A little help from her friends at Reid // I am thankful

Genny CoxWhen Genny Cox was seriously injured in a head-on collision last year, Reid co-workers helped her pull through the dark times. And a financial gift from the Reid Foundation’s Employee Emergency Fund went toward one essential expense: health insurance.

Genny was driving home when another car, traveling at about 50 mph, crossed the center line and crashed into her vehicle. The other driver died at the scene—reports later showed the man had suffered a heart attack behind the wheel. As firefighters used the jaws of life to free Genny from her vehicle, she heard them talking about having her airlifted to Dayton. “ Absolutely not, I am going to Reid,” said Genny, a 22-year Reid employee who works as a secretary in the nursing administration department. “I knew doctors could take good care of me there.”

Genny had multiple surgeries at Reid to repair her shattered legs. She spent one month in an acute rehabilitation facility in Muncie, one month in a local nursing home and one month in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit at Reid. During that time, Genny received more than 150 cards from Reid employees, and many co-workers called or visited. One day, her supervisor drove all the way to Muncie to bring Genny home-cooked food. “All that support motivated me to get better faster,” she said.

In the meantime, Genny’s health insurance premium went up. Concerned about the added expense, she applied for financial assistance from the Reid Foundation’s Employee Emergency Fund. This fund is designed to help employees during an urgent, unexpected life event. “The fund gave me $500, and I’m not sure what we would have done without that,” Genny said. “My husband and I were going through a lot with my injuries and his own health problems, and knowing that we could cover our health insurance really meant a lot.”

Three months after the accident, Genny amazed her doctors and coworkers by returning to work. She deals with pain and swelling and continues to use a cane, but prefers to focus on what she has gained instead of what she’s lost. “This experience has helped me see that I’m an important part of the team here at Reid,” she said. “People here care about me, not just as an employee, but as a person.”

We invite you to help employees like Genny through the unforeseen circumstances of life. Whether travel expenses for a funeral or recovery from an injury, the Employee Emergency Fund is there for those who truly need help.