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Alison works with Athletic Trainer Abby Coates

Alison works with Athletic Trainer Abby Coates

What are junior Alison Grimes’ three favorite things? Soccer, basketball and the Preble County 4-H Fair.  Last year, though, challenged all three when she injured her foot.

Alison was playing in a summer 2012 basketball league, when she jumped up and landed wrong.  “I felt like I was going to be sick to my stomach,” Alison said.  “I was worried.”  After a couple days with no improvement, her mother, Karlynda Stiver, called Reid Orthopedics for an appointment.

Dr. Chad Reed had bad news – she had fractured her foot and would need a walking cast for the next 10 weeks.  “Dr. Reed was excellent,” Karlynda said.  The fracture was caused from tight muscles and over-activity.  Unfortunately, the news was even worse when she returned to Dr. Reed in January with a reinjured foot.  “He said it was time for surgery,” Karlynda said.

Athletic trainer Abby Coates worked with Alison both times to get her back to her activities as soon as possible.   “She gave me a list of things I’d have to do if I wanted to play,” Alison said.  Daily stretches and exercises, with Abby’s oversight, kept Alison busy.  “It didn’t take long to check off my list, because I wanted to get back.”

“Abby has saved me thousands of dollars, assessing our kids when they were injured,” Karlynda said.  She had first gotten to know Abby through her older daughter who tore her meniscus during her senior year.

“It’s important to have Abby here.  We really need someone to tape us up and help us get back in the game after an injury,” said Alison.  “Without her, I don’t think half the kids would be back to full recovery.”

“Having a trainer here is a good way for parents to know what’s happening with our kids,” said Karlynda.  “She makes sure they are safe, and if there is an emergency, having her here is a saving grace.”

Alison’s connection with Reid didn’t stop when her foot healed.  She was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Reed visited the fair to purchase her prize lamb. 

“Reid has been very supportive of our kids,” Karlynda said. 

Alison is now back to her three favorite things.