Ben Bertsch // Lincoln Athletics

Ben-Bertsch-portraitLast year, Ben Bertsch was a freshman and loving the role of running back and safety for the Lincoln football team. But players who play hard sometimes get hurt. Ben was no exception.

Ben was going down after a punt and his finger got caught in a belt loop. It jerked hard. “I went to Denny (athletic trainer) and told him I couldn’t bend my finger,” Ben said. “I had no idea what had happened.” Denny explained he could have torn a tendon. He gave him Tylenol at half time and wrapped it so Ben could play the rest of the game.

By the next game, Ben’s finger hurt. At half time, Denny had Ben’s mom, Stacey, come down from the stands. “He explained we needed to see a surgeon and recommended Dr. Rama,” Stacey said. “It was good Ben had somebody there for the purpose of his well-being. I appreciate he told me at half time instead of waiting,” Stacey added.

Lincoln athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

Lincoln athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

Ben saw hand specialist Dr. Rama (Ganeshan Ramachandran, D.O.) Monday and learned the tendon was indeed torn. If it was not reattached, it would continue moving further down his hand. Surgery was scheduled for Tuesday. “Dr. Rama explained everything,” Stacey said. “It went very smoothly, and Ben only missed one and a half days of school.”

Following surgery, Ben worked with Reid Rehabilitation. “He really liked those guys,” said Stacey. “I saw them twice a week and did most of my exercise at home,” Ben said.
Ben missed the rest of his football season and the beginning of his basketball season, but he was soon back in the action.

Now Ben is enjoying a new school year and new sports seasons pain free. Denny is still on the sidelines taking care of players, as needed. “Denny helps them prepare for the game too,” Stacey said, “trying to head things off before there is trouble.”

“He’s a cool guy,” Ben said. “He will joke around with us, and he’s always there when we need him.”