Coach Jennifer // Seton Athletics

Jennifer-Martin-Seton-portraitSeton High School athletes play hard.  They give it their all.  They are there to have fun and win.  But, unfortunately, sometimes there are injuries.  This year, Seton joined ten other area high schools and partnered with Reid for an athletic training program – free to the school and free to the students.

“It has been great for me to know there is someone trained here,” said Jennifer Martin, volleyball coach.  “I feel comfortable assuring other teams we have a trained professional on hand.”  On the sidelines with the players and coaches, trainers are at all Seton home games.

“The trainers have been great in explaining services and providing necessary documents to parents,” said athletic director Trent Tremain, “especially with the new concussion laws.”  Concussions are a main concern for coaches and schools.  As athletics become more and more competitive, students are more likely to have a head injury.

Reid conducts a pre-season concussion screening on each Seton athlete to identify a baseline.  Those records will be kept on hand for comparison if a student should sustain a concussion.

Seton athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

Seton athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

“It is good to have someone there who is knowledgeable,” said soccer coach Greg Stiens.  “When we have an injury, they are there to give the correct response.”

Jennifer says the trainers are very approachable for coaches, parents and students.  The players feel comfortable contacting the trainers on their own when needed, and one trainer made a special trip to follow up with a player the next morning.

Greg appreciates the clinical help from the sidelines and having the proper equipment.  “If a player needs a knee or ankle wrap, the trainers are right there to do it,” he says.  “If a player is injured, they can determine whether to play them.”

All three feel confident in the expertise Reid trainers provide. “I know I’m going to have someone there who is very qualified,” said Trent. Greg added, “You know they are trained properly if they come from Reid.”