Coach Matt Holeva // Richmond Athletics

Reid Athletic Trainer Courtney McCord assists Nate Trawick before practice.

Reid Athletic Trainer Courtney McCord assists Nate Trawick before practice.

In his career, Matt Holeva has coached football at Richmond for a total of 17 years.  For him to have a successful program, he needs his players healthy and safe.  He believes the key is a Reid athletic trainer on the sidelines.

“It is a great service,” Matt said.  “When you’re talking 115 kids – the responsibility for the coaches to coach, care for injuries and tape – I can’t imagine what that would be like.”  With athletic trainer Courtney McCord on hand, Matt can focus on coaching and leave the health of the athletes to a health care professional.

“It means getting kids back to the game sooner, but also keeping kids safe in the first place,” Matt said.  The free impact testing is one aspect of this safety, he said.  “It is especially important with the heightened awareness of concussions.”

Parent James Trawick said the program offers a peace of mind when it comes to his son, Nate, playing sports.  “I’m glad to know someone qualified and unbiased is making the right decisions regarding concussions,” he said.


Richmond athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Trainer Program.

Matt has a parent meeting each season and discusses the athletic training program.  “I let them know if there is a problem, see Courtney first,” he said.  “She is able to treat them and identify issues that might require a doctor’s input.”  This is not only time effective, but cost effective as well, he said.

“This is a good program,” James added. “It ensures kids get the proper advice to prevent and recover quickly from injury.”

“I can’t imagine the hours spent caring for our players,” said Matt.  “I just feel fortunate we have that relationship with Reid.  It’s pretty amazing.”