Coach Matt Hopkins // Preble Shawnee Athletics

Athletic Trainer Lauren Palmer

Trainer Lauren Palmer assists a player before practice.

Head football coach Matt Hopkins cares about winning while keeping his athletes safe at the same time.  He believes it takes a team to accomplish the task, and that team includes Reid athletic trainer Lauren Palmer.  Lauren is a full time trainer provided for Preble Shawnee at no charge to the students or school.

The pre-evaluation provided to students is a time and money saver, Matt said.  Parents don’t have to take their kids to the doctor right away, unless absolutely necessary.  “The community appreciates we have an expert on staff,” he said.  “The students don’t have to miss school, and the parents don’t have to miss work.”

Recently, a football player tore his medial collateral ligament (MCL) during a game.  “Lauren did the evaluation right away on the field,” Matt said.  With her help, he was able to play the rest of the game, and then get into see the doctor for further treatment.  “The student did all of his rehab with Lauren right here at school,” said Matt.

Lauren is also on hand during practices and games to tape and instruct players, preventing injuries on the field.  “The quality level of expertise and professionalism Reid trainers provide is a real blessing,” Matt said.

Preble Shawnee athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program

Preble Shawnee athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program

Reid trainers were all athletes themselves and understand the desire to get back in the game, but their top concern is keeping the students safe. Matt added, “They have gone above and beyond to ensure Preble Shawnee athletes could compete at the highest level.”

“It’s a great experience – I couldn’t be any happier,” Matt said.