Delores Marshall // Heart

Greenville, Ohio, resident Delores Marshall made an impact on her community and set an example for her family.  Stemming from her time as a Sunday School teacher, she was affectionately called “Sister Delores” by friends and even co-workers.  She had a heart for young people who found themselves in trouble, and even took in some of those teenage parolees to teach and mentor into positive community members.  But Delores’ heart would eventually need some care of its own.

Feeling poorly and experiencing shortness of breath, Delores made an appointment to see her family physician in Greenville.  After asking some questions and examining her, the doctor suggested she could simply be dehydrated and malnutritioned.  Unfortunately, some adjustments in care, the addition of oxygen and a hospital stay didn’t eliminate her symptoms.

A few weeks later, Delores was home with her caregiver and began hallucinating.  She was talking to family members who were not there and calling her daughter, Jacqueline D’loch, confused about where she was.  Although she was on oxygen, she was not getting enough oxygen to the brain.

“We didn’t think she would make it through the night,” said Jacqueline.  “It got to the point we thought her heart was just giving out.”

Under the care of cardiologist Dr. Henry Chong, Delores was taken to Reid where she was met by electrophysiologist Dr. Xinqiang Han.  Delores was impressed by how quickly Dr. Han diagnosed her problem.  She needed a pacemaker.

Delores didn’t remember much from that night.  “I was in very bad shape,” she said.  She was running a fever, which prevented Dr. Han from doing surgery right away.  But in a few days, Delores woke up feeling much different.

“Once the pacemaker was in, she was lucid and had a lot more energy,” Jacqueline said.  “It was like she was back to normal.”

Delores was so astonished by the transformation in how she felt, she couldn’t wait to meet “the doctor who fixed her heart.”  “Dr. Han is a wonderful doctor!” she said.

Jacqueline had a lot of questions about her mother’s medications.  “The nurses went over everything with me and put it on paper so we could give it to the home health nurses,” she said.

In three days Delores was home.  She no longer needs oxygen and is now telling her friends and family to see Dr. Chong or Dr. Han with any heart needs they may have.

“Thanks to Dr. Han and the nurses at Reid, I got back to my old self,” Delores said.  “I don’t hurt anymore!”


The Heart Fund helps provide necessary equipment so patients like Delores have a great experience and quick recovery.