Ethan Frye // Centerville Athletics


Centerville athletes benefit from Reid’s free Athletic Training Program.

Ethan Frye lives and breathes sports.  As a baseball player and quarterback of Centerville’s football team, he has learned to take wellness and safety seriously.  This has not been a quick lesson, however.  Ethan’s journey to this realization began two years ago during his sophomore year.  An awkward step and three pops led to a minor knee injury and the beginning of what would become much more.

Just before sectionals the following year, Ethan took a hit to his bad knee during practice.  Reid athletic trainer Brooke Wagner knew something was wrong and recommended Ethan’s parents, Steve and Jan, take him to the Monday Sports Injury Clinic for an assessment.

“Brooke met us there,” Ethan said.  She wanted to hear first hand what Dr. Chad Reed recommended, so she could do proper follow-up care for Ethan.  “There was no way I was going to sit out of sectionals,” Ethan added.  Fortunately, Dr. Reed and Brooke worked together to get him back into the game quickly.

After football season ended, Ethan continued training.  He worked with a personal coach to improve his agility and skills until Super Bowl Sunday brought this training to a screeching halt.  Ethan slid across the gym floor and his knee popped again…but this time it was serious.

Initially, Dr. Karl Baird hoped Ethan had torn cartilage.  Unfortunately, his ACL was torn.  Ethan needed surgery.  According to Steve, Brooke was at the hospital the entire four and a half hours of surgery with the family, waiting for results and instructions to help Ethan’s recovery.

With five weeks of physical therapy and Brooke’s training at the school, Ethan recovered quickly.  “It usually takes six to nine months to recover from a surgery like Ethan’s,” Jan said.  “He was cleared in four and a half months.”  Ethan and Brooke worked on agility, balance, strength and elasticity.

“Having the athletic trainer there on site was beneficial.  We have been able to ask her questions.  She truly knows her players and has developed relationships with the kids,” Jan said.  “She takes special interest in them.”

“Brooke is there all the time.  If she thinks someone needs to sit, they sit,” Steve said.  “The coaches truly respect her.”

Now Ethan has a goal beyond high school sports.  “I want to do athletic training,” he said.  After working with Brooke over the past two years, he wants to help athletes too.  Brooke has already assisted Ethan in identifying scholarships and other information for his chosen college major.

“Brooke has helped me in and out of sports,” Ethan said.

“It is so nice the school has her,” said Jan.