Faye Walls // Where the need is greatest

In September of 2009, Faye Walls and her family doctor agreed it was time to proceed with a partial hysterectomy. After a meeting Dr. Richard Woodruff, gynecologist, Faye received orders for her pre-surgery tests including a chest x-ray. Much to her surprise, she would soon have a change of plans.

“While waiting for the results and scheduling, I received a phone call telling me I needed to see Dr. Stephen Hornak to discuss my chest x-ray,” Faye said. “He advised me that I needed a stress test, because of something he observed on the x-ray.”

Unfortunately, the stress test led to a heart catheterization and the catheterization to a serious conversation with Dr. Hornak.

“I was told that my ‘widow maker’ and the artery next to it were almost totally closed,” said Faye. She went on to say there was no warning of her condition. “I did awake, one morning, prior to the test, and had a stiff neck. I dismissed it, thinking it had gotten that way sleeping.”

On October 22, Faye had double bypass surgery, performed by Dr. John Kuhn ? just one day after the catheterization. Faye appreciated Dr. Kuhn’s positive bedside manner. “I love him!” she said.

“I can honestly tell you, I do not remember having any pain during my entire stay at Reid,” Faye added. “It seemed like (the staff) knew what I needed without me asking. They made me feel like my stay was the most important thing they had to do.”

Following her surgery, Faye proceeded to the rehabilitation department where she exercised and followed a 12-week schedule for her recuperation.

“The staff at Rehab was great,” Faye said. “They showed, in their professionalism, that they were concerned for my total recovery.”

Nearly 19 months after Faye and her family physician made the decision to proceed with a hysterectomy, she was strong enough to have the surgery.

Sharing that her brother and sister had both died at a young age from heart attacks, Faye is thankful to the doctors and staff at Reid for catching her heart problems in time.

“I’m proud to have Reid in my community!”

Patients like Faye, benefit from educated staff and comfortable facilities. Others need charity care or transportation assistance to their cancer treatments. The Where the need is greatest fund provides for all these needs and allows us to allocate donations as appropriate.