Jenna Spurrier // Tri-Village Athletics

Reid Athletic Trainer Scott Gravatt examines Jenna's ankle before practice.

Reid Athletic Trainer Scott Gravatt examines Jenna’s ankle before practice.


Dedicated volleyball player Jenna Spurrier was ready to attack the fall season and gain wins.  Unfortunately, the challenges to come would be more than opponents.  Fortunately, she would not face them alone.

During summer practice, Jenna was practicing with her team.  “As I was going up for a hit, I landed wrong and my right foot twisted,” Jenna said.  “I knew something was wrong.”

Coach Rebecca Rother immediately found Reid athletic trainer Scott Gravatt for assistance.  “Jenna was trying to laugh off the pain,” Scott said, “but her ankle was swelling quickly.”  Scott determined there was no fracture and moved her to the training room for compression and ice.  Then, he discussed a plan with Jenna, her mother, Bobbi Spurrior, and Coach Rother.

“I was so disappointed I let myself get hurt before the first major scrimmage,” Jenna said.  “We decided to not have me play in the scrimmage (two days later), so I could play in the tournament (four days later).”  The team was already down one player and needed six to play.


Tri-Village athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

“What a comfort it was to know someone with knowledge was here, so I didn’t have to rush to the hospital,” Bobbi said.  “Scott stayed an hour after practice, and that immediate attention was very beneficial.”

The next several days, Scott worked with Jenna on exercises to improve her range of motion.  “I didn’t have to miss work, and Jenna didn’t have to miss practice or school,” Bobbi said.

When Saturday came, Jenna was ready to play.  The team didn’t have to forfeit.  “Scott really knew what he was doing,” she said.  “He’s always there to support us.”