Josh Parr // Reid Athletic Training

Josh-ParrSeptember 21, 2010 – The Centerville High School football team headed out to their home field to win another victory for the Bulldogs. Josh Parr was among the players running onto the field. The band was playing their fight song. The cheerleaders and fans were shouting at the top of their lungs. It was going to be a great night!

Josh’s dad, Rich, was on the sidelines keeping stats like he had done all four years. His mom, Shelley, was in the stands, cheering him on like she had done all four years.

But all of that excitement and energy came to a screeching halt when Josh went down and didn’t get back up.

“Once he was saying how bad it hurt, I knew it was serious,” Rich said.

Reid athletic trainer Brooke Wagner rushed to his side. “I did a quick evaluation on the sideline, which didn’t look good,” she said. Brooke knew Josh needed to see a physician and referred him to Reid Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gregory Woods.

Josh soon headed to surgery to repair a torn ACL and cartilage. “He also had a deep bone bruise, which is very painful and requires extra healing time,” Brooke said.

Surgery was followed by several weeks of rehab at Reid. “It was a great environment to be in,” Josh said. “It was relaxed and I got to know everyone, including the patients.” Brooke said the goal of rehabilitation and insurance is to get a patient back to “daily living standards.” This does not get an athlete back to sports. That is where the athletic trainer comes into play.

Josh is a natural-born athlete. He plays football and basketball, but his passion is baseball. Speaking with Brooke, he and his parents hoped she could get him ready for a full season of baseball for his senior year.

“I spoke with Dr. Woods to let him know that we wanted to try to get him back to sports earlier than the planned April 1 date,” said Brooke. “We decided to do work hard and try, but not make any promises.”

“Brooke worked a lot with him – even after hours,” Shelly said.

“It was just pretty amazing,” said Rich. “They were saying he would be lucky to be back by April for baseball, but he was back by February.”

With Josh’s diligence and hard work, he was able to play the last five games of basketball and be conditioned to start his senior baseball season strong. Playing his best defensive season ever, Josh led his team to a sectional championship.

Reid Athletic Training – a gift to the community
Reid Hospital Foundation supports area high schools through Reid’s athletic training program. Schools that choose to participate each receive a free full-time athletic trainer to work with their student athletes on strength, agility, and limited rehabilitation following an injury.

These programs help student athletes like Josh recover quickly to get back to the sports they love, and offer parents a peace of mind.

“Unless you have a kid out there, you don’t know how great it is,” Rich said. “You’ve got someone there that’s not going to guess.”

Please consider making a donation to Reid Foundation in support of this important program.