Kylee Knotts // Randolph Southern Athletics


Athletic Trainer Theresa Wright-Reed

Sophomore Kylee Knotts loves to run track, but last year, she discovered running to be more difficult than expected.  She would need some time off.

Kylee had a brutal schedule with four track meets and one invitation in an eight day period.  “My knee has always caused me pain,” Kylee said.  She was determined to do well and help her team, but by the time she came off the track, she was in severe pain.  “When I put any pressure on my left leg, I would cry,” she said.  Kylee was tough, so her family knew if she was crying, she was hurt.

Reid athletic trainer Theresa Wright-Reed was there to help.  She iced Kylee’s knee after every practice and meet.  They tried three different types of taping, but none alleviated the pain.  It was time to go to Reid Sports Clinic.  Physician assistant David Comer identified extra bone tissue in Kylee’s knee, causing the muscles to swell and the bones to rub together.

“It’s not bad until she over-exerts herself,” said Kylee’s mom, Holly Bousman.  “David told her nothing would help until she stopped running.”  So Kylee took a week off, but two weeks later she was in pain again.

Randolph Southern athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

Randolph Southern athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

“Theresa decided to try ultrasonic shock treatments,” Kylee said.  “I love working with Theresa.  She always tries until it works.”  The rehab at school helped Kylee without taking time away from school or taking Holly away from work.  “Theresa did it right here,” Holly said.

Although no amount of therapy could eliminate the extra bone tissue, it did make track manageable for Kylee to finish the season.  She had been running the 800 meter, the 4 x 800 relay and doing long jump.  She decided to focus on the relay, which was her favorite and would most help her team.  “We had a really awesome track season,” Kylee said.  Records were broken and Kylee’s relay placed first in the county.

“It’s absolutely wonderful to have Theresa here,” Holly said.  “If we get hurt, we don’t have to call our moms,” Kylee added.  “We can just see Theresa.  We feel safe knowing she’s here.”