Matt DuPre and Adam Amos // IU School of Medicine Fund

IU-School-of-Med-2Among the many new happenings at Reid Hospital is the Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) clerkship program. And among those experiencing Richmond and Reid for the first time are two students from Terre Haute, Matt DuPre and Adam Amos.

Matt and Adam are in their final year of medical school, which requires ten one-month “clerkships” at various hospitals around the state. Matt and Adam are two of the first students rotating through Reid as part of their lineup.

“Everyone has been very hospitable,” Adam said. “Even the consults are very enthusiastic about having students around,” Matt added.

Both students are family medicine majors spending their time in the emergency department with Doctors Ken Wedig and Samuel Iden.

The medical student assesses the patient first and presents his thoughts to the attending physician. Then, both the physician and student visit the patient, allowing the student to observe. If the doctor agrees with the initial assessment, they proceed with the plan to treat the patient.

“It’s nice to be working one on one with the physicians,” Matt said. “It better prepares us for future residency.”

The feeling is mutual with the doctors. “It’s an honor to be involved in this program,” Dr. Wedig said. “I’m in the middle of my career, and it brings something new. I chose to work in a small community, but enjoy teaching.” With the IUSM program, he is able to do both.

“Our community wins with this program,” said Dr. Tom Huth, Vice President of Medical Affairs. “Bringing promising young students to Reid, gives them a taste of the opportunity to experience state-of-the-art facilities in a rural area.” The possibility of recruiting and retaining physicians broadens.

“Reid offers the unique feature of having all emergency-trained physicians in the ER,” said Adam. Many hospitals staff their emergency department with family medicine doctors.

In addition, Dr. Wedig said IUSM requires board certified physicians. “In a small hospital like this, most are only 40 percent board certified. In metro areas, they are about 70 percent board certified,” he shared. “We are 100 percent. It speaks to the quality of Reid in general.”

Matt and Adam will move on for now, but are thankful for the learning opportunity they have had at Reid. Dr. Wedig is “happy to be a team player.” The patients receive additional attention and perspective. The community anxiously awaits for students to return and practice medicine in their hometown.

IU School of Medicine Fund
This fund allows a teaching program to occur in our own community. As you can see, a number of people benefit through this program. From an economic growth perspective and community health care need to Reid’s current and future medical staff members, the future is promising.

If you would like to be part of this exciting new venture, please consider a donation to theĀ IU School of Medicine Fund.