Linsey Farr // Hagerstown Athletics

Reid Athletic Trainer Adam Gouker examines Lindsey's knee before practice.

Reid Athletic Trainer Adam Gouker examines Lindsey’s knee before practice.

Linsey Farr was on the basketball court with her team during practice.  They were running the typical drills – this one was a layup drill.  Linsey ran toward the goal, jumped for the layup, and came down.  Unfortunately, the landing wasn’t as smooth.  “I walked it off and finished the drill, but it kept getting harder and harder until I had to stop,” she said.  The coach knew they would need the assistance of Reid athletic trainer Adam Gouker.

Because Adam is a full-time trainer for Hagerstown, he was nearby.  By the time he arrived, Linsey was having sharp pain in the front and back of her knee.  “Adam checked it and knew it was my meniscus,” Linsey said.  He helped her ice the knee the rest of practice, and met with her parents.

“She could barely walk when we got there,” said Linsey’s mother, Bonita.  Adam discussed the injury and recommended they see orthopedic physician, Dr. Chad Reed.  “Adam took it upon himself to get the appointment for us.  Not many would do that.  I really appreciated it,” Bonita said.

They saw Dr. Reed the next day.  The MRI didn’t show a tear, so they started with a knee brace and therapy with Adam.  “My pain kept getting worse,” Linsey said.  “Sometimes an MRI can’t detect a tear, so Dr. Reed went ahead with a scope.”  The surgery revealed two tears of the meniscus and a stretched ACL, which Dr. Reed repaired.

Hagerstown athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

Hagerstown athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

Six weeks later, Linsey could begin using her knee.  “It was a little awkward at first, but Adam worked with me every day,” she said.  “I couldn’t have done it myself.”  Walking, stretches, biking and eventually jogging prepared her for softball conditioning.

Bonita touts the athletic training program’s ability to handle injuries quickly.  “They are medically trained for cases like this or any sports injury,” she said.  “And there’s no cost.”

Adam continued to follow up with Linsey throughout her winning softball season.  Bonita said, “You don’t have as many worries having someone there you can trust.  It puts your mind at ease.”