Margie Weller // Hospice

With 62 years of marriage and nearly 50 years serving Richmond, Bob and Margie Weller grew to love their community, friends, and especially their family.

Bob retired from his position as public accountant and managing partner of George S. Olive & Company, now BKD. He served through the Chamber of Commerce and Boys and Girls Club as well as numerous other organizations and individuals. He was not a man to sit idly and let others do the work. Bob was a true gentleman.

“I don’t remember any lectures or preachy advice,” said his son, Rob. “He taught me quietly, by example.”

In March, however, Bob knew time with his family was growing short. After courageously battling cancer for five years, he made a decision to stop treatments and go home with the care of Reid hospice.

“Hospice provided Bob with superior care,” Margie said. “I did not know what to expect. It was a pleasure to find dedicated nurses with years of experience come in to help.”

As the days passed, the family found comfort in the compassion and sensitivity they received from the hospice team. “I knew I needed help, and they assured me they would be here for me,” Margie said. The nurses spoke with family members close by and those in other parts of the country, as requested.

“They showed Bob respect, and made him comfortable,” Margie added. “They were saints – absolute angels!”

In the end, Bob told his daughter, Marcia, “I’m going to heaven tonight.” She sat with him, sang and read scriptures. Then Bob went to sleep and died peacefully.

Marcia said, “The nurses were so kind. They gave us time, and they gave us hugs.”

The family had the comfort of being able to say their final good-byes, as caregivers were nearby ensuring the comfort of their loved one.

Months have passed since Bob’s death, but his legacy remains strong. His family reflects their last days with him fondly. They now tell others about the care Reid hospice provided.

Margie said, “I’m so grateful God sent them to me!”

Reid Hospice serves many families just like the Wellers. A team of nurses, volunteers and a chaplain are available to ensure comfort for the patient and family. The care brings compassion and dignity in the final days of life.

This year, Reid began offering inpatient hospice care. The service affords the same care to those who are unable to take their loved one home. Sometimes this is due to space in their home for a hospital bed. Other times, a medical condition may prevent the move or a family may simply prefer to remain at the hospital. Regardless, we believe all patients deserve the best care every day of their life, and families deserve compassion.

Reid Foundation chooses to support this important service to the community. Please join us as we honor those who, like Robert Weller, have lived and served.

If hospice is important to you or someone you know, make a contribution to the hospice fund today.