Paige Thompson // National Trail Athletics

Trail Blazer athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

Trail Blazer athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

Senior Paige Thompson finished her junior year of basketball last winter and went straight into AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) in Springfield.  Unfortunately, her season there ended sooner than expected.

“I set a screen and felt something pop,” Paige said.  “I was on crutches for four days, and then I had Abby (Reid athletic trainer) look at it.  She could tell right away it was an ACL tear.”

Abby Coates is a Reid employee who works full time at National Trail to provide support for athletes and coaches.  From taping knees and ankles preventing injury to helping students with rehabilitation following injury, she helps keep students in their sport.  “I’m just really thankful to have an athletic training program,” said Athletic Director Mick Ditmer.  “Some schools do not.”

When Paige saw orthopedic physician Dr. Chad Reed, she learned her knee was too swollen for an MRI and would have to wait four weeks.  “I saw Abby every day after school,” she said.  Their focus was reducing the swelling and strengthening her leg in the process.  Soon the MRI confirmed the ACL was torn, and surgery was scheduled for Spring break.

Reid Athletic Trainer Abby Coates helps Brooke through rehabilitation.

Reid Athletic Trainer Abby Coates helps Paige through rehabilitation.

“After surgery, Dr. Reed came into the consultation room with pictures,” said Paige’s step-mom, Kendra.  He explained the procedure, trying to “put it in layman’s terms.”  Kendra was impressed with how quickly Dr. Reed called her back to answer questions following discharge.  “The doctor did a really good job,” said Kurt, Paige’s father.

“Dr. Reed doesn’t baby me,” Paige said.  “He tells me exactly what I need to hear – not what I want to hear.”

Paige continues to do rehab and work with Abby after school.  She is looking forward to an outstanding senior year before she heads to college next fall, where she hopes to continue her basketball ambitions.