Scott Snodgrass // Hagerstown Athletics


Reid Athletic Trainer Adam Gouker assists a player during practice.

In his second year of coaching football, Scott Snodgrass spends a lot of time with his athletes at Hagerstown High School.  Undoubtedly, students on the field will take hits, and sometimes they will get hurt.  So Scott is thankful to have athletic trainer Adam Gouker by his side.

Adam is a Reid employee who works full time at Hagerstown High School to provide support for athletes and coaches.  From taping knees and ankles preventing injury to helping students with rehabilitation following injury, he helps keep students in their sport.

“It’s been a real blessing to have another set of eyes out there, and it is nice not having to worry about the injuries,” Scott said.  “The kids go straight to Adam.”

Scott says Adam is like another coach out on the field.  “He just gives us another dynamic and a way to keep the players safe.”  This year, the team suffered shoulder and collar bone injuries as well as concussions.  When injuries occur, Adam quickly assesses the students and informs the coach whether or not they are available to get back into the game.Hagerstown-team-2012

“He is one of the first people on the field when a player is injured,” said Scott.  “And he takes care of them once they are off the field to make sure they are safe.”  With health care knowledge, Adam knows who to push, and who not to push.

Because the athletic training services are no charge to the school and no charge to the students, Scott said it is good for the kids.  “Anytime you can save the athletic department money, funds can be used for something else,” he said.