Shade Brubaker // Tri-Village Athletics

Athletic Trainer Scott Gravatt bandage's Shade's head following a head injury and concussion.

Athletic Trainer Scott Gravatt bandage’s Shade’s head following a head injury and concussion.

Sophomore year basketball – Shade Brubaker goes for the rebound and takes a hard land on his head.  He momentarily blacks out on the court, and athletic trainer Scott Gravatt steps in.

Keeping Shade calm, Scott performs a few simple tests to determine the severity of Shade’s injury.  Though there are no signs of brain or neck injury, it is obvious; Shade needs to go to the hospital.

“Scott remains very calm and professional, which keeps the team calm,” said Shade’s mother Kelly Jones.

Shade received 11 staples in his head that night.  With Scott at the school, Shade’s care didn’t end when he went home.  The doctor cleared him to play, as long as the cut could be covered. But given the area of the injury, that was a challenge.

Scott crafted a special bandage and used a sticky residue to keep the bandage over Shade’s hair.

“He kept checking me and cleaned my cut every day to prevent infections,” Shade said.  “Scott would always explain what he was doing and ask first.”

The next day, Shade was able to join his team for a Saturday game.  Two weeks later, the staples were removed without infection or complication.

TVHS athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

TVHS athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

“The sport is getting more physical,” said Kelly.  “I feel better having a trainer there.  It gives me peace of mind.”

Fast-forward to summer basketball league 2012, just before Shade’s senior year.  He is playing in a game at Centerville High School. Taking an elbow to the eye, Shade has a gash above his right eye and is rushed to Reid Hospital for five stitches.

“Scott showed up to the school to check on me,” said Shade.  “He wanted to make sure the healing process was going well.”

“I think every school should have an athletic trainer,” Shade said.  “I really like Scott.  He is really friendly and if there is an injury, he’s there and very professional.”

“The boys need a professional opinion, because they want to keep playing when they should really get checked,” Kelly said.

“Scott has a good relationship with all the players and coaches,” Shade said.

Kelly added, “We are really truly blessed to have him.”