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Athletic trainer Brian Steele helps Titus through therapy.

Athletic trainer Brian Steele helps Titus through therapy.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Titus Twine began wrestling at age nine.  Participating with AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) teams and RHS, he continued to excel in his sport.  But during his freshman year, Titus faced something he never expected.

It was the first match of the day at Logansport.  Titus faced a student from Kokomo.  “I was at the edge of the circle, and he came charging at me after the bell already rang,” he said.  His knee twisted, and he heard it pop.

“He tried to get back up, but he went right back down,” said his father, Larry.  “We tried icing it until the second match, but I was out the rest of the day,” Titus said.

Fortunately, the trainer on site that day knew Brian Steele, Reid Athletic Trainer for Richmond High School.  “The communication they had between each other was outstanding,” Larry said.  “When we got back Brian was already there waiting for us.”

After examining Titus’ injury, Brian knew he needed an orthopedic consult and referred him to Dr. Gregory Woods. They saw Dr. Woods that Monday, but the swelling would have to subside before he could have an MRI.  “Brian had me ice it every 15 minutes,” Titus said.  Five days later, the MRI showed a torn meniscus, ACL and a slight tear to the LCL.  He clearly needed surgery.

“We were going to go to Indy,” Larry said, “but Titus liked Dr. Woods so much we decided to stay.”

Richmond athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

Richmond athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

“Dr. Woods was very good at explaining things,” Titus said.  “I felt confident in his ability.”

Titus began exercises at home that night after surgery.  Three weeks later, he began a five- month rehabilitation plan with Brian at school.  “It was rough in the beginning,” Titus said.  “It was like teaching my knee to do something all over again.”

Brian stayed in touch with Dr. Woods to discuss any new developments and to get instructions.  He gave Titus exercises, and monitored his progress.  “Brian was excellent with rehab,” Titus said.

Now fully recovered, Titus is gearing up for another year of wrestling.  He hopes he will not need Brian’s assistance, but is at ease knowing he is close by if needed.

“The athletic training program is very important,” Titus said.  “A lot of injuries happen, and Brian is there to help.”