Wyatt Schweizer // Randolph Southern Athletics

Athletic Trainer Theresa Wright-Reed works with Wyatt.

Athletic Trainer Theresa Wright-Reed works with Wyatt.

Sophomore Wyatt Schweizer is gearing up for another successful year of Rebel basketball.  But getting to this point has been a long process following a startling Spring injury.

Wyatt had been working with Reid athletic trainer Theresa Wright-Reed to recover from a sprained ankle during freshman basketball season.  Through the direction of Dr. Brett Krepps, Reid orthopedic surgeon, Theresa helped Wyatt through therapy, taping his ankle and icing it as needed.

Following the season, Wyatt began travelling with AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) basketball, playing on freshman and sophomore teams.  One Sunday in Cincinnati, things came to a crashing halt.

“I was setting a screen for the point guard, and a kid came around him,” he said.  “We went head to head.”  Immediately, Wyatt couldn’t see.  He was dizzy.  His head was bleeding.  He was finished for the day.

Rebel athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

Rebel athletes benefit from the Reid Athletic Training Program.

Wyatt’s father made the decision to keep him out of the game and out of P.E. the following Monday.  When Tuesday came and Wyatt still had a severe headache, Ned took him to Dr. Krepps.  “The impact test was within normal range for athletes,” Ned said.  “But he pulled the plug on him playing ball, because the symptoms still showed a concussion.”

“I went back two weeks later.  I still had the same headache,” added Wyatt.  He kept going back to attempt getting cleared, but the headaches were constant.  “I had a headache as soon as I woke up to when I went to sleep.”

After a reasonable amount of time, Ned and Reid Orthopedic physician Dr. Greg Woods decided to do an MRI.  “It showed sinusitis,” Ned said.  “His sinus was busted.”

Wyatt took antibiotics and began conditioning with Theresa.  “I worked out with her two to three times per week, so I could get into shape,” he said.  “I like Theresa.”

“We are seeing an improvement over time with him being active,” Theresa said.  This year, Theresa will be travelling with the team as well as covering home games and practices.  As a result, she will be able to watch Wyatt as he increases his playing time.

“Wyatt is excited to get back into playing,” said Theresa.

“I really like having a trainer here on site,” Ned said.  “Knowing she is here when the coaches are here, I have no fear that Wyatt will play over his limit.  Theresa provides that extra level of safety.”